Bring your kids and explore the office

Our mission is to have children feel good about their teeth and dental care from an early age. They should have their first checkup at around age three, as all their baby teeth are in place by then and it is important to make sure they are healthy. Over the years we have found many ways to ensure that a visit to the dentist’s office is a positive experience. This goes a long way in making a child’s first appointment much easier and stress-free.


You are encouraged to bring your children in to explore the office and watch you have your own checkup. This allows them to become familiar with our dental office environment long before their own first checkup. They can go for a ‘ride’ in the dental chair, talk to our friendly staff or just sit back and observe. A small gift from our ‘treasure chest’ always brings a smile to each face.


Regular dental care early on can effectively avoid many problems, fears and unnecessary expenditures. Once a child has started a dental care program, we will also monitor any need for orthodontic treatment and discuss our observations and recommendations with you at each visit.